Reset Your Hypothalamus!
Lose Those Unwanted Pounds Once and For All!

The hypothalamus gland (sometimes spelled hypothalmus) is located in the center of the brain, it functions to regulate certain body activities and processes by linking the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland.

The hypothalamus is responsible for the control of your appetite, combinations of many hormones tell the hypothalamus to regulate a multitude of bodily functions, body temperature, emotions, thirst and hunger are some of those body functions controlled by the hypothalamus.

By controlling the kinds of foods we eat we control the kinds of hormones that influence the hypothalamus. Therefore we can control and "reset the hypothalamus" and what it tells your body to do, which results in a loss of weight.

When you follow the Weight Loss Cure Protocol revealed by Kevin Trudeau you can lose those unwanted pounds without the hunger and cravings that are normally associated with dieting. Learn how to increase your metabolism, restructure your body, and eliminate those "problem area" fat reserves that concentrate in the hips, thighs, buttocks and belly. You could loose as much as a pound per day like Kevin did himself!

So why isn't Kevin seen with his weight loss book on TV anymore? The FDA has issued an injunction against Kevin from using the term "Weight Loss Cure" and he can no longer sell it via his signature TV infomercials. That's why you don't see him on anymore except for maybe his Debt Cures book.

That being said however the diet still exists and is being used very successfully around the world, including the United States! And where it was almost impossible to find the signature ingredient to the Simeons diet HCG which is now redily available in two forms, easy to take drops or doctor assisted injections.

Homopathic drops are easy to find anymore including at Walmart. But it's a tough diet to follow you're reducing your calorie count to 500 calories per day with lots of vegies and limited protiens per meal. I myself lost the 1 pound per day for the first 30 days but I was ready to go off of it by the time day 30 hit.

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Here are some helpful resources if you should decied to try this diet.

Hcg Dieters Gourmet Cookbook This book is a must have while on the protocol. This Ground Breaking Gourmet Diet Cookbook Offers Flavorful Alternatives To An Otherwise Boring Diet. All Recipes Are Specially Designed To Be Compatible With Dr. Simeons Hcg Diet Protocol Popularized By Kevin Trudeau.

More Help here! One of the recomendations of the Weight Loss Cure Diet is for a complete colon cleanse and quite frankly the pictures that you will see on this page will make you wince. But the premise behind the procedure is a simple one remove all the toxins and debris that have built up over time so your body can more easily benefit from the protocol. Check out Fat Loss Secrets here!