Food & Drug Administration isn't the "Knight in Shining Armor" we may feel they are!
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Kevin Trudeau risks prosecution by revealing the deceptions and double standards of the FDA and the web of conspiracy and power it has over or general health and well being. In this book Natural Cures "THEY" Don't Want You to Know About, Kevin exposes the realities that lobbyist have on government, from large food companies to pharmaceutical and medical concerns. You are being used as a pawn and the federal government is a co- conspirator. Go behind-the-scenes to learn what happens in the world of corporate sponsored health and nutrition.

Natural good health and vibrancy comes through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle revealed through scores of alternative choices to the reader, from therapies, medical practices and potential cures.

The constitution guarantees unencumbered speech right?
So why is it that Kevin has been censored?

In More Natural "CURES" Revealed Kevin exposes previously censored brand name products that cure disease. He takes on international government, pharmaceutical and medical cartels the food industry and even the news media.

This book, designed as a continuation of his first book NATURAL CURES gives you additional knowledge about natural non drug, non surgical ways to prevent and cure disease. Cures don't have to come in the form of a pill or a shot or expensive treatment or surgeries. Although Medicine has its place in this world there are alternatives that some would prefer you not to know about.

The FDA has issued an injunction against Kevin from using the term "weight loss cure" and he can no longer sell it via his signature TV infomercials. That's why you don't see him on anymore except for his Debt Cures book.

That being said however both the Natural Cures Books still exist and are being used and referenced to by people around the world. Some of Kevins books are available in paperback or Kindle download for less than $8.00 at the Amazon links on this page.

No matter what diet you choose you should do this, it's also one of the recomendations of the Weight Loss Cure protocol is for a complete colon cleanse. But the premise behind the procedure is a simple one, remove all the toxins and debris that has built up over time so your body can more easily benefit from the protocol. Check out Fat Loss Secrets here!